Tournament Organizer



Besides being a highly successful team in the scene itself our mission is to grow the game and help other players develop themselves. Therefore, we started our very own tournament series in 2015 to bring competitive tournaments to every part of Europe, deliver latest strategies, decklists and transform casual and fun players into competitive players. By delivering all of this to the communities around Europe we hope to attract more and new players to the game and especially to the CCG events.

The series itself became a competitive line of events, in which players get new and cool prizes and can win flights to our next events. The number of CCG events increased from 2014 to end of 2015 due to the number of requests we got from players and communities, who want to participate in such an event. Having built our brand over the past year, players recognize our tournaments as highly competitive bringing them prestige. Different cool and unique prizes make they come again.


We have 2 Type of events:

Challenge Tour Stops (CTS)

Hosted by Tournament Organizers like yourself. This events have special prizes and support from us, not only product but also marketing and advertising support.

Major Tour Stops (MTS), Grand Open & Grand Final

We host 4 large scale events (similar to a YCS) all around Europe in order to support the smaller CTS Events. Each TO will be able to hold 6 CTS per year (2 per month) getting prize support for the event from us and ranking points for the players. We divided Europe into smaller regions, and each region will have its own Ranking List. At the end of the season we will crown a Regional Champion per region and award him with flight & accomodation to the Grand Final!


What we can offer you for a CTS?

• 16 CCG Championship Series Sleeve-Packs (60 Sleeves per pack)

ccg sleeve

• Top 8 CCG Championship Series Mats


• YPFL-Hoodie/Shirt for the winner
• 3D Cards (Redox in Q1, Blaster in Q2, Tempest in Q3 and Tidal in Q4)

• Ultimate Guard Support


• Flight & Accommodations for your regional champion

• 100 Euro voucher

• Promotional Support from us to spread the news about your event. ( + Advertise Guidelines )

• Advertise the event through our Marketing Channels

• Guidelines to support every event and "how to have more participants"



Interested? Your community would like you to host a CTS? Then do not hesitate to contact us!