Besides being a highly successful team in the scene itself our mission is to grow the game and help other players develop themselves. Therefore, we started our very own tournament series in 2015 to bring competitive tournaments to every part of Europe, deliver latest strategies, decklists and transform casual and fun players into competitive players.

CCG Championship Series Events are highly competitive tournaments where players compete for unique prizes and the title of becoming known as Europe's top player in their respective region - the regional champion.

Regional Champion
But how do I become the Regional Champion? By becoming the Top Ranked Player in your Region on our Ranking List. Glory and Greatness awaits you. Besides that each Regional Champion wins a flight + accommodations for the Grand Final Amsterdam 2016 among other special prizes. All you need to do is topping more CCG events than everybody else in your region.

The Challenge Tour Stops (CTS) will be regular events both hosted and organized directly by us or together in cooperation with local card shops or tournament organizers. In the latter case, each card shop/tournament organizer will have the opportunity to host one challenge tour stop every two months.

The major tour stops will be large-scale events both hosted and organized directly by Complexity Card Gaming. We will organize one major tour stop per quarter in various locations all over Europe.

The best of the best compete at those events for the chance to win amazing prizes and flights to the US and the Grand Final Amsterdam at the end of the year. This will be a journey for the players to show their tactical skills and abilities to play the game at the next level.

We will also be providing live coverage at each major tour stop. Your success will be streamed and commented on by us via to keep those not in attendance in the loop.

Besides the main events we will also offer side-events to promote the fun you can have with Yu-Gi-OH. This means a wide range of side events with alternative formats to give you the opportunity to experience Yu-Gi-Oh to the fullest (e.g. Goat-Control or Cross Ban List).


Major Tour Stop:

1st Place - 7 Points

2nd Place - 6 Points

3rd Place - 5 Points

Top 4 - 4 Point

Top 8 - 3 Point

Top 16 - 2 Point


Challenge Tour Stop:

1st Place - 4 Points

2nd Place - 3 Points

Top 4 - 2 Points

Top 8 - 1 Point



Q4 is the era of Tidalt! You can win a 3D Copy of Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls at our Challenge Tour Stops!



Other exclusive prizes for our events include CCG Championship Series sleeves for the Top 16 and CCG Championship Series mats for the Top 8. Besides that the winner gets to choose a shirt from our merchandise.

ypfl shirt

Country Event Date Region Address Tournament Organizer
Austria CTS Scharding 05.11.16 Scharding Baumgartner Stadtwirt

Knörleinweg 1, 4780 Schärding
Christoph Kaiser
Germany CTS Bremen 06.11.16 Bremen Gemeindezentrum Zion,Kornstraße 31,28201 Bremen Björn Heuer
Germany CTS Berlin 12.11.16 Berlin Schottstr. 6 , 10315 Berlin Ali Fawaz
Italy CTS Turin 13.11.16 Turin Goblin Torino, via San Domenico 27 10122 Torino Alberto Olivieri
Italy CTS Udine 20.11.16 Udine Pordenone Fiere,Viale Treviso, 1, 33170 Pordenone Luca Morandini
Italy CTS Venice 27.11.16 Venice Magic Warrior Via Treviso 7 Silea (Treviso - Venice) Marco Vavassori
Sweden CTS Gothenburg 26.11.16 Gothenburg Djurgårdsgatan 40 ,41464 Gothenburg Sweden Niklas Björkedal


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