We are an organization focusing on competitive play in Card Games like Yu-Gi-Oh! the most successful Trading Card Game worldwide or the infamous Pokémon TCG. We aim for consistent success at the international premier events and improving the communities by sharing our experience with the game.


Complexity Card Gaming has won nearly every important trophy in the Western Hemisphere – from National to European Championships – both in Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon. Our members frequently reach the top cut of European large scale events and often even go beyond that!


Besides our focus on community support, our main ambition is to promote the game even more to a wider audience. Following this vision we started hosting our very own tournament series all across Europe to grow the community and the popularity of Card Games as a sport!

Since its founding in early 2013 the Yu-Gi-Oh! team of Complexity Card Gaming has won 4 YCS, a European Championship as well as various National Championships. Besides our success we always try to improve the community. In fact we were the first team to run a tournament series as well as hosting streams on a regular basis. Click here to learn more

The Pokémon team of Complexity Card Gaming consists of Europe’s top Premier Event Players who are looking forward to not only winning more events but also to provide the community with more in-depth insights into the game via article content, deck analysis and streams! Click here to learn more

Our Hearthstone Team focuses strongly on streaming to get closer to the community. When it comes to tournaments we are often involved in the hunt for Winter and Summer Season Final seats as well as trying to create some buzz at the international Dream Hack tournament scene! Click here to learn more