Pwny - "Austrian Nationals Report"

Pwny – “Austrian Nationals Report”

Hey guys, this is Philipp aka Pwny.


As part of Complexity Card Gaming, I just won the Austrian national championships 2016 in Hearthstone and wanted to share my thoughts of the day with you.


The venue itself was pretty impressing, as the Game City, the event where the championships took place was the town hall of Vienna. We started pretty early at 10:00 AM so I had no time to check out all the cool stuff there. We were 8 participants who all qualified throughout certain tournaments throughout the year. With me in the top 8 were two good friends of mine, Lemongreen and GameKing, who are also quite known here in Austria.


First I had to play against Lemongreen, who I won against in a pretty close series 3:2. Yogg showed again how much of a force he is in competitve tournaments.


Next up was Khan2k14, whom I beat 3:1. That situation put pretty much pressure on me, as I knew I was already in the finals. I mean there is no worse feeling than placing second in an important tournament like this.


Group B played out and I had to face an old buddy, Bovidae. This final was by far the craziest series ever. Every single game, I felt like I was behind all the time. My opponent had the perfect curve, like every single game. It was pretty frustrating, as my hands, mulligans and curves didn’t look that sweet. I feel behind 0:1 but could stabilize on 1:1. Next up Bovidae had himself going 2:1. But then I could luckily find myself an optimal play because I played on my outs and made the match go 2:2. Final up, there was the mirror match of the Druids. It all came down to the coinflip and he had an astonishing start. Fandral Staghelm turn one pretty much scared the crap out of me, but I could luckily find some answers for it on time. He put so much pressure on me but I could pull off a big  Malygos + a big Swipe combo in the late game which pretty much decided the game for me.


I knew his last time to shine was playing Yogg, which he (thank god) didn’t draw. I was sweating but could really smile and scream through the whole room and claim my title. It was a great experience and it just pushed myself to go harder in the near future – trying to pursue bigger goals and finding myself finishing in the top ranks of international tournaments.


Sorry for the short article, however you can always view my matches, and my interview (German Only) over at;


The games (quarters) can be found throughout the stream and the final games can be found starting at 5:15:00 and the interview in German at 6:20:20.


Furthermore I would like to share with you all the decks I used over the course of the weekend.










Yours, Pwny.



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