Lorenza Roma - Game Psychology - "Motivation"

Lorenza Roma – Game Psychology – “Motivation”

Hello guys, today I want to give you my first article, I want to share some of my perspectives on motivation, success and mindsets.


Motivation is a key part of this game and one of the most important assets a player should have. There are alot of different sources players get their motivation from, ranging from popularity to money. Playing this game attending events and paying for accommodation can be a costly experience, and so money is always a factor to consider.


The prize-pool is of course something we are all after at the events because we all want to even out at events. The problem here is that most tournaments need you to at least ‘Top 3’ to even-out of course depending from where you come from. Reaching that consistently is something that cant be relied on, and sometimes you have to know that there are more things to be considered.


Which brings me to my next point. Of course we all want to make ourselves a ‘name’ in this game, nobody can feel good about themselves without help and appreciation. That can be one of the best experiences somebody can have as celebrating success with friends, congratulating each other is a great thing, the problem arising there is that the edge between a good approach towards the community and arrogance is pretty small. The thing to remember that we are still playing a game which is partly decided by luck, and of course everybody who puts effort into the game has the right to feel good about themselves but a friendly appearance is something everybody should bring with them.


Another thing I wanted to share is my experience after returning from worlds and still being traumatized by not doing well there. I found myself in a swamp of hate and unpleasant views on the game, overcoming this state is mostly thanks to my team who shared their experience and pushed me to move forward. I cant stress enough how important it is to move forward, never look at your losses or mistakes as a bad thing because in the end it is the proof that someone advances. Nobody can do everything from the start and we are all learning from our mistakes. Don’t hate yourself for making them, elaborate rethink and use your mistakes to do better in the future. Over the course of me playing I also learned how important it is to stay neutral during tournaments never get too frustrated about an unpleasant loss but also don’t overestimate yourself. After all this is a game, which is composed of multiple aspects. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good your deck is how good you played or what you played into. Always consider things still happen and we cant change that, so its the best to forget about those scenarios and move forward with an unchanged mindset into the next round. Carrying too many negative emotions with you can screw you over, you can make mistakes that you wouldn’t have done with a clear mind.


To end I wanted to quote something Themis said in Rimini to me which was really something I thought about, it helped me to overcome the phase of negativity I was facing after worlds.

‘If you are at the top, you can only fall, but if you are at the bottom you can only go up, your success will make you feel better.’



Lorenzo Roma.




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