Top 8 YCS: Rimini 2016 Report - Lorenzo Santoni (Pendulum)

Top 8 YCS: Rimini 2016 Report – Lorenzo Santoni (Pendulum)

Hello Everyone,


I’m Lorenzo and I’m back this week to tell you about my YCS Rimini 2016 report. As many of you should probably know, last year I won this YCS and this year I wanted to try and defend my title but unfortunately my race to the victory was stopped in top 8 by a promising Italian player of the trading card game.


Before going to the tournament report I want to congratulate Alberto Conti. This guy is the perfect example of someone who tested really hard and put his passion and lots of effort in this beautiful game, concluding his perfect season with a 1st place at the YCS Rimini.


After this short introduction, let’s talk about my preparation for this tournament. Honestly it wasn’t really hard because the meta-game didn’t change too much and even if we lost Dueling Network, thanks to the team support and overall thanks to my mate, Joshua Schmidt who invested his skills and passion to the fullest to prepare this deck for the European championship, we developed it with the new set cards and we were able to play the best deck in the best way possible.


Why I chose to play Pendulum?


Basically because it was the most consistent deck of this format and the difference between monarchs is the fact this deck can play every time, even if it bricks. It was either good going first or second, because if you go first, you can pendulum summon Kirin and/or Avian, sometimes special summon vortex and finally setup your extra deck thank to Sorcerer and Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon, in order to win the game in the next turn; otherwise if you go second you can put pressure on your opponent using Beaters, like Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon which thanks to Odd-Eyes Performapal Unicorn, can deal huge damage through big monsters. I also chose this deck because it was the only one that can afford Pot of Desires which makes you start with 6 going first and with 7 going second, also against Monarchs it could help to recover the disadvantage taken from an Erebus play


Let’s explain the deck list and how we figured out it:

Deck List

As you can see, we keep pretty much the same list of the European championship but we decided to remove Lizardraw, Veiler and the small Magician Engine (1 Dragonpit, 2 Oafdragons, 1 Wisdom-Eye) because they don’t work really well with Pot of Desires and we just added 1 Odd-eyes Mirage Dragon, came out in the last set Dragons of legend, basically because it’s the fourth searchable high scale by Sky Iris and  its effects are not terrible, on the field it can prevent Odd-Eyes from destruction either by card effect or by battle; the third Odd-Eyes Performapal Unicorn, the third Mystical Space Typhoon over the third Eccentrick because If you draw multiple copies of it you can activate them and it works really well with Magical Abductor and since we expect a lot of decks that would have mained Anti-Spell Fragrance and Solemn Brigade, we preferred to go this way. We also played another new set card, which is Performapal Radish Horse because it is the second searchable low scale by Sorcerer and it’s also good to get rid of floodgate thanks to his monster effect that can be special summoned on the field if you control a Performapal monster on the field and you control as many or fewer monsters than your opponent controls. Even its scale effect is good to deal massive damage with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.


In tests we figured out we needed an out to Kirin in order to win the mirror match, comparing last year Nekroz mirror match, you need a card to deal with Valkyrus, we decided to play Photon Strike Bounzer which is not too difficult to be summoned and it’s what we were looking for in order to otk through Kirin.


The side deck was pretty standard: Maxx “C” for BA, Fire King Kozmo and every kind of deck that special summons frequently, Kaiju for Blue-Eyes, Kozmo and mirror match, Kycoo for Monarchs, Ghost Ogre for the mirror either going first or second, twisters for demise and other kind of heavy trap decks, Village for Monarchs when you go first and Typhoon for the mirror match when you go second.


Finally I can tell you about my tournament story and It’s time to duel!


Here you can see the 1st round of swiss against Extra Deck Monarchs (Won 2:1):


2nd round against Pure Burning Abyss (Won 2:0):


In the first game I didn’t start really well but having Kirin and Sky Iris gave me the ability to control his game state and setup the play for the next turn with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon’s effect which searched the Monkeyboard.


In the second game he went first, special summoned Terrortop into Dante and tributed it for Vanity’s Fiend concluding with just 1 Spell/Traps face-down. In my turn I activated Twin Twisters on his set card summoned Eccentrick to destroy his vanity’s fiend, then I activated Monkeyboard grabbing Pendulum Sorcerer, Sky Iris destroying Sorcerer to get Unicorn in order to special summon Kirin and Sorcerer. I was able to win the game few turns later.


3rd round against Blue-Eyes (Won 2:0):


He won the dice roll and let me go first, I started with Kirin and some stuff, he didn’t do too much and I was able to otk in the next turn. In the second game He decided to start and he semi-bricked passing with 2 spell/trap face-down and a White Dragon of Spirit in defense position. I left MST in the deck expecting him to side Fragrance but he didn’t have it immediately so I activated MST on one set card which was return of the dragon lords, then I made Eccentrick on the other and started to setup my extra deck with Sorcerer, Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon and to deal a bit of damages. He just passed setting another spell/trap card. In my draw phase he flipped anti-spell fragrance and I hadn’t any out but I summoned Bunbuku, grabbed another one, attacked and passed. He just passed again, setting one card and I was able to make Grampulse with the other Bunbuku to destroy fragrance and to pendulum summon for the win.


4th round against Mirror Match Pendulum (Won 2:0):


I lost the dice roll and my opponent went first but his hand wasn’t so good and He ended with just Majester Paladin and a bunch of cards in his hand. I started with an awesome hand which included Abductor, Terraforming and Desires so the game was pretty fast. The second game was pretty long and I don’t remember all the passages but I’m pretty sure he made a misplay not making Utopia Beyond otherwise I would have lost this game.


5th round against Zombie Synchro (Lost 1:2):


I won the dice roll and I went first but my hand was pretty bad because I drew 3 field spells and I can just summon Kirin and pass. My opponent try to summon Uni-Zombie, I bounced it but he could summon it anyway and he started the combo concluding with 3 Omegas, Trishula and Void Ogre.


Also the second game was pretty fast, once I understood how his deck works, I ended with Kirin, Dweller and Village. He scooped immediately.


In the third game he went first starting the combo but my Ghost Ogre stopped Librarian, he played De-Synchro on Ancient Fairy and used the materials to synchro summon Stardust Charge Warrior that let him draws Soul Charge. You can imagine what happened later.


6th round against Draco Pendulum (Won 2:0)


I won the dice roll and I started with a “God Hand”, concluding with Kirin, Vortex and Avian on the field. My opponent scooped immediately. In the second game my opponent went first and he tried to activate Sky Iris on his Luster Pendulum in his scale zone but I stopped it with Ghost Ogre. He summoned Avian and the game kept going on because my hand wasn’t so good but in the end I was able to setup my extra with sky iris and kept pushing until his life points were all gone.


7th round against “my team mate” Themis Gkyzis, Mirror Match (Won 2:0)


I went first but my hand wasn’t really good, I just ended with a Kirin and an Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon with a Mystical Space Typhoon face-down and Monkeyboard searched by Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. He activated Pot of Desires, drawing 2 new cards, then he activated Monkeyboard but I didn’t use Mst on it in order to not get the free fusion that would have been game for him. He normal summoned Raccoon, grabbed Kirin and pendulum summoned 4 monsters, which are Kirin, Sorcerer, Avian and Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon. He didn’t Otk and the next turn I was able to otk with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon 2 Performapals and a Kirin on the field.


The second game was pretty easy and bad at the same time because I drew Ghost Ogre and Typhoon in order to stop his plays and then otking him.


8th round against Urh Kovacic’s Draco Pendulum (Won 2:0)


He went first but he ended with just Kirin, Ignister and Majester on the field. I had a super broken hand and otked him through that monster bouncing Ignister with Vortex, switching Majester in attack position with Papilloperative and attacking over it with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon boosted by Unicorn.


He went first once again concluding with just Majester and a spell/trap face-down. I made Eccentrick on the set card and otked him.


9th round against Draco Pendulum (Won 2:0)


My opponent’s was playing the trumpeter’s pendulum version and he passed with just omega and kirin on the field. The game kept going just 2 turns because I reached to setup my extra deck with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and I had also 2 Msts in order to destroy his high scales not allowing him to pendulum summon again.


The second game was pretty fast too because he ended with the Performapal combo (Guitartle-Lizardraw) but his board was too weak to keep going after my pushes.


10th round against Magician Pendulum (Won 2:1)


This match was the longest I’ve ever had in this tournament because in the third game my opponent pendulum summoned Aria the Melodious Diva which can’t be targeted or destroyed by battle when it special summoned. I have literally no outs to get rid of it because I went first and I didn’t board the Kaijus but I still won it thanks to Red Eyes Metal Flare in the additional turns.


I ended the swiss with 9-1 and came in 2nd place.


Top 32 against Domain Monarchs (Won 2:1)


He went first but he bricked and I was able to otk very fast. The second game took so long and he won. The third game I started with Kirin, Village and Vortex and he couldn’t do anything.


Top 16 against my team mate “Joshua Schmidt”, mirror match (Won 2:1)


He won the dice roll, starting with Abductor, terraforming and concluding his turns with 1 or 2 pendulum monsters in defense position and vortex. My hand was pretty bad because I had only pendulum monsters and no high scales other than Bunbuku which he negated when I tried to activate it and I scooped Immediately. I decided to go first in the second game and even this time my hand was pretty weird because I would have played only if my sky iris resolved but this didn’t happen cause of Typhoon and I just ended resolving an Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and passing with just one monster on the field. Joshua’s hand was also pretty bad and he just attacked with his Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon over my monster and passed. In my turn I tried to activate Monkeyboard but he dropped Ogre and I just made Castel with Radish Horse and Sorcerer to bounce his monster in the deck and passed resolving the second Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon searching for a high scale. He activated Sky Iris to get Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon and to attack over my Castel and he just ended his turn. Finally, this turn I was able to get a huge pendulum summon in order to win the game. In the third game he over predicted my board and he let me go first but even this time I drew 3 Odd-eyes pendulum Dragon Sky Iris and Eccentrick. I tried to activate Sky Iris on Dragon but it got Typhooned, then I passed with just Eccentrick face-down and Monkeyboard searched by Dragon. His hand was also pretty bad because he drew too much side and the next turn I drew Raccoon, summoned it, grabbed Kirin, special summon Grampulse to remove his set card and make a huge pendulum summon for the win. I’m very sorry about this match because it should have been more skillful but this format doesn’t allow that to be.


Top 8 against Extra Deck Monarchs (Lost 2:1):


I won the dice roll and my start was pretty good but I didn’t have Kirin so I ended just with Vortex and Dweller on the field. He activated Stormforth and I was forced to negate it, then he made One for One to get the double summon and he totally clear my board and left me without resources. The second game was pretty fast too because I ended with Avian, Dweller and Kirin, setting up my extra deck for the next turn and He couldn’t do too much. In the third game he opened the nuts, with triple Pantheisms, Brilliant and one for one passing with 2 Ehthers in hand and 2 spell/traps face-down which I couldn’t get rid of them because I didn’t draw any removal and the game finished pretty fast.


I tried with all my strengths to be back to back champion but I finished my tournament in top 8 and I would like to thank all my friends and my team mates so much to support me and give me one more time the chance to be on the top levels once more time.


Finally, with the new banlist we will get another format, hoping to not see Monarchs again.


I hope you enjoyed my article and I can’t wait to see everyone in Bologna on the 17-18 september.


Good bye Guys


Play hard or go home #YPFL







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