Top 16 YCS: Rimini 2016 Report - Raphael Neven (Kozmo)

Top 16 YCS: Rimini 2016 Report – Raphael Neven (Kozmo)

Hi everyone!


This is my first report for CCG, fresh from my Top16 spot at YCS Rimini. I played Kozma Demise with Artifacts, a last minute decision from Joshua (Oosters) and me. My plan was to plan Pendulum, like most of my teammates, but Themis borrowed my Pendulum stuff and due some complications(I did not receive the cards I needed in time). So the choice was Burning Abyss or Kozmo as I disliked the Extra Deck Monarch deck for tournaments with a lot of rounds. BA would be scary due to auto losses in the mirror (Cherries, losing the roll and facing Beatrice + Maxx c, etc). Therefore, Kozmo Demise seemed like a solid pick, as it did very well for me at the European Championship. Big shoutout to Joshua Oosters, the inventor of the deck.


Deck list:


The weekend started with a long trip to Rimini. I traveled with my friend Mathijs Giltjes to Eindhoven, we took a plane to Pisa. After we checked out some of the city and the Tower of Pisa we took a train to Firenze, then a train to Bologna and finally the last train to Rimini. We arrived quite late at our hotel. I met up with Joshua, Themis and the other Dutch guys at a different hotel and relaxed at the awesome rooftop party. We decided to play Kozmo with Artifacts, as it has a good BA matchup and a amazing Pendulum matchup. We theorized a bit about the last spots/ the side deck. I think the only difference was Joshua siding Lector for the pendulum matchup.


Round 1 Blue-Eyes 2-0


G1:I won the first roll of the tournament and opened Wincan + Demise, good start


G2 He starts very underwhelming with Thunder King set one, my pilot + Dark Destroyer backed up with Kozmojo took care of his Alternative and he gets too far behind after that.


Round 2 BA 2-1


G1 I win the roll and open with Sanctum + Tincan


G2 He opens amazing and I cannot get ahold of the game


G3 This game was crazy, his hand was far superior to mine with multiple Dantes and Beatrice but he walks into my Drowning twice which keeps me into the duel, however I still end up with 4700 LP going into my last turn of timeout. In his end phase I summon Sliprider for his last backrow, in my turn I overlay for Pleiades and summon Farmgirl, it forces out the veiler but i can still bounce his Bea and  attack for 4000. He draws Raigeki in his last turn but lacks a monster to attack for damage and I win in time.


Round 3 Domain Monarch 0-1

I was quite disappointed with myself after I overestimated my resources in this game, really thinking I could win even if we would go in time game 1, but I didn’t get over his Primes fast enough and lost game 1 in time. I think I should have scooped sooner and try to flood him for a draw.


Round 4 BA 2-1


G1 Artifacts and traps provide enough disruption to grind him out eventually.


G2 I don’t remember exactly, but I lost this one.


G3 Game was going my way, 2 monsters into my Drowning sealed it.

I played against a pretty young Italian, he played very fast and kind of restless. It was not a very enjoyable game but after the match we had a good talk and I gave him some tips, saying he should relax and play slower so it is more difficult to read his cards. The atmosphere became friendly and all ended well.


Round 5 Pendulum 2-0


Finally vs my best matchup!


G1 I lose the roll but DD + traps make sure he cannot win, Artifacts take care of the rest


G2 Dark Destroyer + Kozmojo best comeback.


Round 6 Kaiju BA 2-0 Lukas Prinz

Against a very nice German guy.


G1 I open well with Strawman Tincan, he used Kaiju Interrupted slumber, i tagged out with both and he chains maxx C! He draws a lot cards but I manage to grind the game out.


G2 Honestly don’t know anymore, but I won.


Round 7 Kaiju Mermail 2-0


G1 He lets me start, I open a pilot and 3 sets. He blows me back with twin twisters, a kaiju, prince and Prince, followed by Moulinglacia for my last 2 cards. My call of the Haunted for Forerunner keeps me in the game for a few turns, gives me enough resources to make Infinity and I manage to win.


G2 I honestly do not know but I remember he opened a lot less powerful than game 1.


So i ended day 1 with a 6-1 record, pretty okay. We proceeded to get dinner in the city, I ate the most disgusting Pasta Arrabbiata (My favorite) in my life, which made me feel pretty bad.


Round 8 BA 2-1?


No idea, I think because it was so early. It was vs BA for sure.


Round 9 EDM 2-1


Winning this would mean I would top almost for sure, so I hoped for a quick and easy matchup but instead it was Extra Deck Monarch, the absolute worst.


G1 I manage to win the game because of the roll for my Kozmojo/CoTH on Dark Lady which gave me enough disruption.


G2 He opens well with Stormforth + Ehther


G3 I opened double Anti-Spell and Wincan


Round 10 (Valle <3) EDM 2-1


Played vs my friend and teammate, with not much at stake as we knew we made tops made it a very relaxed game.


G1 I win cause broken Demise + Wincan


G2 BrilliantFusion plays made for a very strong opening even though I almost win if it was not for his last Kuraz.


G3 I flood him ;/


Ended Swiss with 9-1, 7th place


Top 32 BA 2-1


G1 I win the roll and sanctum/ strike was enough


G2 Cherries forced him into Break Sword, but my Demise ended up giving me 2 dead Mojo’s and Ships. He kills me with BS, Leviair and Giga-Brilliant.


G3 I win by Tincan + Traps




G1 He wins the roll and destroyed me with brilliant Erebus+ Ether SF


G2 I won because I had a good setup with Lady and traps


G3 He opened amazing again, not much I could do.


Congrats to him for making all the way to top 4!


Overall I was pretty happy with my performance, I am glad this format is over and I want to look into new decks, however Kozmo Demise could very well be a good deck next format.


Again, sorry for not remembering all my matches, if you have any feedback feel free to give it 🙂


I hope to see everyone at Liverpool!


Kind Regards, Raphael



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