Top 16 YCS: Rimini 2016 Report - Joshua Schmidt (Pendulum)

Top 16 YCS: Rimini 2016 Report – Joshua Schmidt (Pendulum)


Hey everyone,


Welcome to my Top 16 tournament report from the latest European YCS in Rimini.

It has been one of my favorite YCS of the past year, mainly because Rimini is just such an amazing place to visit. I have been there for the third time now and its always a great experience. Weather is just great and hanging out at the beach on Thursday and Friday is really nice every time.

I got sunburned really bad on Thursday but it has been well worth it!


But lets move on to the actual tournament and the deck I played. The format was honestly a little boring at that point in time since it has basically been the same for the past couple of months: Monarchs, Burning Abyss and Pendulums. Pot of Desires was added to the mix with the latest set, but it didnt change all that much about the way the decks played.

In the end, I decided that my Pendulum deck from Euros was still the best deck to play so I ended up just changing it up a little bit with Pot of Desires and this is what I played in the end:



A lot of the team has decided to play this list with maybe 1-2 cards changes and we ended up placing 6 players in the Top 32, so that was great! I did give a Deck profile on Lithiums channel where I explain my choices, so you can go there and check it out:



Now lets get into my rounds.


Round 1 – Burning Abyss Phantom Knight – 2:1 (won dice)


My opening hand game 1 was pretty strong, but I ended up banishing 3 Sorcerers and Odd Eyes Fusion with my first Pot of Desires of the tournament, so my turn 1 field ended up a lot worse than it should have been, but Kirin was still there and did its thing, though it did take a bit longer until I could win, since he did open pretty strong as well with Terrortop, Tour Guide and Pot of Desires. He won game 2 after starting pretty well with a couple of sets. I went first game 3 and actually ended up almost decking out after I had to activate 2 Pot of Desires in the first 2 turns after also using Maxx C during his first turn, but in the end I was able to control him with Kirin and win with 2 cards left in my deck.


Round 2 – Magicians – 2:0 (lost dice)


Game 1 he went first and ended with Kirin, Vortex and no cards in hand which is why Magicians are just weaker than Performapals, they can make good boards but they dont have any follow-up or Extra Deck set up. I was able to push through his board and he could not recover. Game 2 he comitted to Kirin + Secret Village but I had Bunbuku and locked him under his own Village so he instantly lost.


Round 3 – Kozmo – 2:0 (won dice)


I went first but my hand was very weak, I only resolved Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon and passed. He summoned Dark Planet on me and put a Tincan next to it which left him with 2 Kozmos in his grave. I ended up stalling for 1 or 2 turns, forcing out his negations with high scales and at some point just Beyond OTKed him over the planet. Game 2 he went first and just set a Monster (Chicken) so I won pretty quickly.


Round 4 – Mirror Match – 2:1 (lost dice)


That round I was paired against Gavin, a friend of mine who played pretty much the same list as me and who also ended up in Top 16. He won the dice roll and opened Abductor Terraforming, ending with a field of 2 Kirins, Bunbuku in attack and Sorcerer in defense. My hand was pretty strong though and I ended up immediately OTKing him over the defense position Sorcerer with Papilloperative while Apex negated his Kirin. Game 2 he went first again but this time I could not get over the board he created. Game 3 I opened just Kirin if I remember correctly, so I was pretty open to a big push from his side but his hand was not that great either and he also just set up Kirin. I ended up making Strike Bounzer, Totem Bird and Vortex on my second turn and he could not possibly overcome that board.


Round 5 – Mermail – 0:2 (lost dice)


He let me start, I open Kirin, he went for Gameciel + Prince + Instant Fusion so I die. Game 2 I let him start because Mermail can not do anything turn 1, but I brick super hard and he just kills me turn 2 once again.


Round 6 – Cyber Angel – 2:1 (won dice)


That round was a Feature Match, you can watch it here:



Round 7 – Extra Deck Monarch – 2:0 (lost dice)


Last round of Day 1 I got paired against the always smiling italian, Luca Chetoni. It was not a very good match because of the way Monarchs work this format. He went first and if he would have opened well, he probably just wins most of the time unless I have the nuts. Game 1 he only summoned Gofu and passed though, so that was an easy win for me. Game 2 he opened Pantheism + Prime, but even after that he was not able to perform a tribute summon on his first turn, so he only went for Gofu and a couple sets. He ended up having a Twin Twister but I could still play. I played around Ehther Stormforth a bit, but he did not even have the Ehther in hand. Unfortunate draw on his end, but luckily that kind of format is over now hopefully.


Round 8 – Domain Monarch – 1:2 (lost dice)


Game 1 and 2 were very standard, he went first and did not brick so he won, I went first and did not brick so I won. Game 3 was a little back and forth and there was a moment where I could have won the game when he Kuraz’d my only high scale. If I would have drawn any other high scale or Sky Iris/Terraforming I would have had game right there, but I drew into an MST and died the next turn.


Round 9 – Odd-Eyes – 2:1 (lost dice)


Honestly, I should have lost this match. Game 1 he opened super strong and I lost on turn 2. Game 2 my opening was pretty weak (just Kirin) and he had an easy OTK on the field, but he misplayed so I survived and OTKed him back on my next turn. Situation was Odd Eyes, Joker, Kirin and Vortex versus my defense position Sorcerer, attack position Joker and defense position Kirin which was negated by Vortex. All he had to do was attack my Joker with Odd-Eyes and boost with scale Unicorn (5000 damage), attack Kirin with Vortex, use his Kirin to bounce his Odd Eyes and my Sorcerer and go for game with his Joker and Kirin. He did not bounce my Sorcerer and just attacked over it so I survived with 1000 life. I won the next turn and in game 3 I ended up using Ghost Ogre on his Iris and winning a 3-4 turn grind game afterwards.


Round 10 – Blue-Eyes – 2:0 (won dice)


Went first with double Kirin and very good Extra Deck set up, he played some draw spells and just conceded afterwards since he can not beat double Kirin + make sure he does not die from my Pendulum summon. Game 2 he decides to go first and just sets 3. He flips Fragrance but I had an MST for it so he can hardly win from there. I still think its a weird decision to go first in Blue Eyes and side floodgates, since the deck works so badly with just 4-5 cards.


Top 32 – Magician Performapal – 2:1 (lost dice)


Played against a nice guy from Germany in Top 32. He went first and opened a really strong board plus an MST that took away my Abductor which was crucial. I was not able to break through his board after losing my Abductor search. I knew that he was siding Aria, the melodious Diva because he played against my teammate Lorenzo in the last round of swiss,so I sided the Kaijus. I probably would have sided them anyways though since he was using Magicians and they usually run Kirin, Vortex and Apex Avians. Either way, I actually made him start because throughout the tournament I realized how easy it was to break through all the openings that had just Kirin because of Odd Eyes Fusion. It ended up working out well because all he did on his first turn was Pendulum Summoning Aria. My hand was playable, but I did not have a Kaiju yet and I was sweating a little bit when I activated Pot of Desires because banishing both copies of the Kaiju would mean I would have no out left. But luckily that did not happen. The game went on for a couple of more turns with me controlling his plays with Kirin and Typhoon until I finally drew into a Kaiju to break his Aria. I dont remember much of game 3 other than he decided to go first again, but I do know that it was a rather long, grindy and good game unlike a lot of my other matches in the tournament. So good games to him!


Top 16 – Mirror Match (Lorenzo Santoni) – 1:2 (won dice)


This was the complete opposite of my good Top 32 game. I won the dice roll and opened very strong so I took game 1 immediately. He went first game 2, his hand was really bad after I used Typhoon on Iris so he only used Odd Eyes to search and passed. My hand was horrible though and I lost shortly after. Game 3 I once again let him go first after my previous experiences throughout the event have kind of changed my view on the mirror match. It once again works out perfectly because I have a hand trap to kill his Iris and his turn is very weak after that once again. But my hand is even worse than in game 2 because I drew pretty much all my side cards and not a single Bunbuku, Joker, Monkeyboard, Iris, Terraforming, Kirin, Sorcerer etc etc. So he just kills me 1 or 2 turns later.


I was honestly not very upset about the loss, it‘s just the way the format was kind of and I was also supposed to lose on round 9 on the bubble already anyway. Sadly Lorenzo was not able to win the entire thing and also nobody from the other CCG guys that topped could, but oh well. Still congrats to anyone that topped the event, especially my boy Alex!


Also shoutouts to everyone who made YCS Rimini a very cool experience, before, during and after the event!


Hope you guys liked my report, see all of you at MTS Bologna and YCS Liverpool with a fresh format!



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