Michel Gruner - Top 16 Dreamhack 2016 Report

Michel Gruner – Top 16 Dreamhack 2016 Report

Tournament Report  Summer Dreamhack 2016 Jönköping


First of all, my trip was flying to London, getting my connection flight to Göteborg on the evening of the 16th of June and having a good time while watching the German game vs Poland in a nice bar. But everything went wrong when I arrived at Frankfurt Hahn to get on my flight at 6.30 am … my flight was rescheduled for 12.30! Since Ryanair is doing a point to point job, they do not care about connection flights. Luckily I booked over a third party, kiwi.com. They had an amazing service booking another connection flight from London to Göteborg at 2pm for free, so everything was fine. But thanks to Ryanair again, we started 1.30 pm in the end and made it impossible to get my newly booked connection flight to Göteborg. Thanks to kiwi.com again, they booked the last possible flight for me at 7pm in the evening to Göteborg, which meant that there was no way to watch the first half of the German game. I managed to see the second half at Göteborg airport, but I missed to see anything in Göteborg itself. I went to Jönköping the next day by bus and had a great AirBnB room. I went out to see the game of Sweden vs Italy at a public viewing area with Errikos Beck and met Marvin aka MaynardTcoX with whom I shared the room with.


On the next day, the event started at about 12. It looked rather simple, three rows of table with a lot of LAN cables lying around. My first match was against Wampie, a good former Starcraft player who played the exact same lineup as me, but unfortunately I lost 3:2. Great start and I was worried about dropping out 0:2 like a pleb.


In round 2 I played against a young local and won easily.


In round 3 I played against Phenry, I met him at the Winter preliminaries in Berlin, he misplayed in the Hunter mirror match and I was able to take the whole match.


Round 4 I played against sjow, a famous streamer and well known player, since he was playing on a tablet he had some connection problems, but since there was no chance for me to win that game I told him that we can count it as a win for him (Karma!). In the end I managed to win with my Tempo Warrior against his C’Thun Warrior and won 3:2.


Round 5 was the most interesting game ever. I played against Senba and it was 2:2 while having my Hunter up against his Reno Lock. I miscounted and missed Lethal while clearing a minion with Kill Command instead of going face for the win … he looked at me as if I was the most retarded guy ever and dropped his Reno Jackson. Since that point I just put everything face, surviving another heal of Alexstrasza on his own face getting the win in the end (Karma feelsgoodman). Since then, I knew RNGsus is on my side today.


Round 6 I faced maDe, a Dutch player, close game again, winning 3:2 in the end. In the last round for day one I faced swissking and easily won 3:1, ending day one with a total record of 6:1. One more win on day 2 to make it to the top 16!


The first round of day two, I faced Hoej, one of the most known players, he destroyed me with his C’thun Druid deck and there was no chance for a comeback after Deathwing ripped my whole field. Last chance, last round, I played against Th3 Rat, a former Yu-Gi-Oh player for Team Overdose. He was the first guy playing Dragon Warrior against me, but my draw with Shaman was just too good and I won 3:1. I finished on 14th place and made it to top 16 at my first offline event. The top 16 match was live and is online on twitch. I made some misplays in the last game and lost a close match 3:2.


It was a great event, getting to know a lot of new people, having a good time and gained some extra motivation with the first success in Hearthstone. As a result, I decided to participate at Dreamhack Valencia 14-16th of July. I hope you root for me, I’ll try my best to make it to top 8 at least this time.



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