Marc Huber - Card Strategies - What does it take to become a Legend in Hearthstone?

Marc Huber – Card Strategies – What does it take to become a Legend in Hearthstone?

Article by Marc Huber aka MazuruHS (


Hi this is MazuruHS and I am writing this to help you reach the final rank in Hearthstone! I became a legend in Hearthstone 11 times and also multiple times in one month. I am playing for team Complexity Card Gaming!


What does it take to reach the top rank in Hearthstone? Some might say – „Well, obviously the right cards and um… grind a lot?“, but there is a lot more to it. What exactly do you need to succeed in Hearthstone?


You surely need a good mixture of the following things:


1) Cards: Yes, this is a card game, so obviously you need a good amount of cards to have the option to switch between decks and try to find the one or two decks that really fit your playstyle.


2) Netdecking/meta awareness: You should always be aware of your meta. What is everyone playing? Can I somehow counter that? What kinds of decks are out there? Control decks, aggro/face decks, fatigue decks, mid range decks, tempo decks, even fun decks. What fits my own playstyle? You should not switch decks every three games, just because you lost two of them. You have to master one or two decks to become good at laddering. Find your deck and improve with it. Do not switch to often, but be aware that you have to choose a deck that can handle the meta. Your meta can change every 3-4 ranks or from week to week – so be aware of that too. I personally don’t believe that the majority of us normal humans can create a NEW deck (It does NOT count, if you just switch 2 or 3 cards and call it a new one. There are a billion people out there who think they created new decks by switching some cards in a meta deck. Get over it, the internet created the deck before you!) that can beat the meta. You can obviously try, but I am writing this article for people who want to achieve legend the „easy way“, so if you are able to create such a powerful deck – you obviously do not have to read this article anyways, so I am writing this to help the other normal human beings! It is not even that important what deck(s) you choose. You can reach legend with nearly every single meta deck that is out there. It depends on your skill and the right mindset to achieve a good rank. Just choose one or two decks, that fit/beat the meta and master them. It can be really boring to play the same deck for months, but you get better and better at the deck and you always know what to do, because you have so much practice with it. In this meta I recommend something fast, like aggro/face/zooish kind of decks, because you (as a starter) have to play hundreds of games to reach a good rank, so you have to keep in mind that, if you play a control warrior for example and the games take 10-15~ minutes and you have to play 300 games to reach rank 2 or so, then this will take forever. You want to achieve it as fast as possible, so just keep that in mind. I reached legend the last few months using a zoo deck, because it’s fast and 90% of your games you have a good early game and you can burst the enemy down around turn 5-7. I think zoo is a kind of deck that does not get bad in the future and wasn’t bad ever in the past.


3) Grinding: There is no competitive multiplayer game out there in which you don’t have to grind heavily to achieve a top rank or a top league. It is simply inevitable. You have to play a lot to achieve a lot. After achieving rank 5, 4, or even legend for the first time, it usually feels much easier to climb to that specific rank again. So don’t worry, it gets better.


4) Mindset: This is one of the most important things – there are people who have the right deck that fits them and the deck is also beating the meta quite well and yes they are grinding a LOT, but they quit for days after having a bad session of hearthstone, rage quit too often or simply aren’t concentrating enough while playing. You have to have the right mindset to become a legend in hearthstone. Shut down every tab in your browser on your second monitor, throw away your mobile phone (or at least switch it off and don’t pay attention to it), hand a 50€ bill to your girlfriend so she’s out of the way (shopping) and keep focused on the game. Only one simple mistake every five games where you weren’t paying attention to the game can cost you some precious stars on the ladder. If you have a bad day in hearthstone – just don’t get upset and start over again. It get’s better. Sometimes you just get a bit unlucky, that shouldn’t bother you too much. Just keep going !


5) Spectating: Watch and learn my friends! You can improve your skills by watching other players play the deck you want to ladder with. Just spectate and talk to friends who are better or at the same ranks as you are and visit „“ now and then to watch some of the better players out there destroying the ladder. There are streamers who answer questions and explain their turns so you can learn how to play correctly. I am focusing on that a lot in my own stream. If you have questions just come by and don’t hesitate to ask them in my twitch-chat! (


Thanks for reading this far and see you around the European ladder!




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