Top 8 YCS Prague Report - James Broderick (Dracopals)

Top 8 YCS Prague Report – James Broderick (Dracopals)

YCS Prague Top 8 Report


Hello Yu-Gi-Oh Community!!!


Welcome to my first tournament report from the previous YCS Prague! In this report I would like to discuss with you the trip to Prague and the road to my Top 8 finish at the event!


My Trip started on Friday morning from Dublin airport to Prague, but unfortunately this starts with our plane having engine trouble and having to stop half way on the runway to check the engine! This delayed my trip for a few hours in Dublin. I arrived late in Prague and arrived at my apartment Casa Italia around 10pm. However more trouble hit when I was told, there was a problem with my booking and that I had to move to another hotel, luckily the hotel was on the street next to my original booking so I did not mind this! I met some of my Irish friends and my CCG team at Casa Italia and we all headed to a Chinese for some food. After the food and a small beer drinking competition with Themis, I went back to where my Irish friend’s had booked their accommodation and Myself and Vladis helped our friend Wally choose his deck for the event.


After we had helped Wally with his deck I decided to head back to my hotel and prepare my own deck for the event. I decided to make some last minute changes, which included the addition of Archfiend Eccentrick, Bottomless Trap Hole and Traptrix Rafflesia being added back to the deck.


Before I show you the list I decided to use for the event I want to give a big shout out to all the CCG members who for weeks went through the decisions for the decks we played in great detail and helped me so much in making my final decision’s for the build!


So let’s have a look at the final Deck list I decided to use:

James Broderick - YCS Prague - Top 8

(Please note that Giant hand should be Norden in the Extra Deck)


You can check out more detailed information on card choices and decisions on my deck profile from the CCG Youtube channel on the below link:




I will try give you a detailed description from the match ups but unfortunately I am having trouble remembering all my games from the event! So let us get into the match ups.


Round 1 Vs Hero’s (Win):


Game 1:


This Match up started badly with losing the dice roll and my opponent using a Hero Lives to summon out Shadow Mist to start her strategy of and set up Dark Law. She set four backrow cards and passed turn with Shadow Mist still on the board. I did not open to well so I tried to bait out the Dark Law with summoning Silver Claw so I could attempt to activate Performapal Partnaga in the pendulum zone to boost my Silver Claw to 2400 attack for when she activated Mask Change which would mean I could crash into her Dark Law. Unfortunately, my opponent used Bottomless Trap Hole on Silver Claw and next turn proceeded to make Blade Armor Ninja along with flipping Call of the Haunted to which I conceded.


Game 2:


Game two I decided to start as I had tailored my deck to start each match up. I set up the Dracoslayer board, then set a Twin Twister and some counter traps that I searched with the Ariadne combo. This game did not last too long as my opponent set two facedown cards after I strike a Goblindbergh’s effect.


Game 3:


Game three my opponent chose to start with setting 4 back row cards and summon Shadow Mist once more. Fortunately for me I drew Denko Sekkka in my opening hand and locked my opponents back row. I then proceeded to make a field of Ignister along with Majester Paladin and a summoned Luster Pendulum, The Dracoslayer from Majester Paladin’s effect which gave me the match.


Round 2 Vs PePe Magician’s (Win):


Game 1:


Again I had lost the dice roll and was chosen to go second. My opponent started with a combo that left him with Naturia Beast and Meliae of the Trees on the field but he nothing left in hand. I Summoned Ariadne in attack and crashed into Meliae of the Trees to get a search from Ariadne. I then set my Solemn Strike and a Painful Decision and passed turn. He activated Draco Face-Off and hit Luster Pendulum which he summoned and attacked with both the Luster and Naturia Beast. With this attack I knew I could now start my come back as I had the Strike to negate the Naturia Beast’s effect on my next turn. I proceeded to start my combo’s which my opponent then realised I could clear his field and set up a field that his top deck could not get over.


Game 2:


In game two my opponent decided to start again but this time I had Maxx ”C” so he summoned joker and pendulum summoned Sorcerer to get searches, he then set one card and passed turn. I started with Draco Face-Off which summoned a Vector and then summoned a Master Pendulum from hand. My opponent flipped Treacherous Trap Hole to destroy both my monsters hoping I did not have the required scales to summoned them back but unfortunately for him I had Monkeyboard in hand to pendulum everything and summon Ignister which I then used to destroy his Joker and Shuffle Sorcerer back to the deck and proceeded to OTK.


Round 3 Vs Monarchs (Win):


Game 1:


Game one I won the dice roll and began with the Ariadne Combo searching Solemn Strike with already having a Warning in hand. This game did not last too long after a successful warning on Edea.


Game 2:


My opponent chose to start and set up a field with Ehther and Domain and March but I could tell that he did not open to well if I removed his field. I activated Spell Shattering Arrow to remove his spell cards and then proceeded to clear his field and shuffle his Prime back to deck by forcing him to special it in response to Abyss Dweller in Main Phase 1. Soon after this he could not get going and conceded due to Dweller stopping Pantheism.



Round 4 Vs Kozmo (Loss):


Game 1 & 2:


I lost this Match 2-0 pretty easily due to bricking in game 1 and 2! Game one my opponent removed my Luster Pendulum with Kozmojo and this shut me down with ways to deal with Dark Destroyer, I was never able to get an established board in play for game 1 or 2 and was quickly over powered.


Round 5 Vs Kozmo (Loss):


Game 1:


Surprisingly my opponent let me start this match up! I was able to create an established board with counter traps which won me game 1 pretty easy.


Game 2:


After Game one I expected my opponent let me go second but again he let me start! Not knowing if I would be start or not I decided to side two of my three Imperial Iron Walls in case I was made go second. I opened the combo with Master Key Beetle and Iron Wall to which I was sure he would struggle to get around. My opponent drew for turn and immediately put the card he drew into play which was Raigeki! Having Iron Wall still on board I felt comfortable with my position but then he activated Emergency Teleport to summon Kozmo Farmgirl which he immediately tribute for Kozmo Sliprider to destroyer my Iron Wall. After this he then attacked and once again Activated another Emergency Teleport to summon a Farmgirl once again to get a search Forerunner and then summoned Dark Destroyer which destroyer Sliprider to summon the last psychic needed for the OTK.


Game 3:


This Game did not last too long either! I set up a pretty powerful board with Rafflesia along with Ignister and Majester Paladin but once again my opponent’s sixth card was a mass monster removal in Dark Hole! He summoned Kozmoll Wicked Witch and then activated Emergency Teleport once again which lead to another OTK


Round 6 Vs Infernoid (Win):


Game 1:


I started this game and set up a strong board not knowing what my opponent was playing so I went into the Dracoslayer play once again. My opponent then activated Reasoning so I thought it might be Infernoid so I decided to call level one. He milled 3 cards before hitting an Elemental Hero Prisma. He then used its effect revealing Infernoid Tierra and sending an Infernoid Onuncu to the grave. He summoned the Infernoid Onuncu and proceeded to summon Raiden. He milled two cards which were spells and then Synchro Summoned to Omega. With my Extra deck already set up and my scales still established I was able to bait out Omega and shuffled back his Infernoid Onuncu which gave me a open field to attack for game.


Game 2:


Game two I was left to start and summoned Master Key Beetle along with an Imperial Iron Wall! My opponent had no out to this and soon after conceded the match.


Round 7 Vs Monarch (Win):


Game 1 – 3:


I don’t remember too much about these games but I do remember my opponent giving me a lot of trouble with the new Super Quantum cards being able to play around strike so easily. I won the first game by establishing an ok field with Ignister and Paladin and shuffling my Monkeyboard back into the deck to search it again in the End Phase from Majester Paladin. My opponent could not get to Domain so I was able to win the next turn. I cannot remember much of the other two games but they were extremely close games!


Day 2


Round 8 Vs Satellarknights (Win):


Game 1:


Last year at YCS Prague I began day two while playing Qliphort against Satellarknights which main decked Anti-Spell Fragrance. My opponent started and summoned Deneb and the set 3 back row! I drew for turn and then my opponent flipped Anti-Spell Fragrance and I thought to myself is this really about to happen again two years in a row but luckily I had a Twin Twister to counter it! I hit the Anti-Spell Fragrance along with a Call of the Haunted. I then used instant fusion to make Diamond Dire Wolf to remove the remaining back row card. After this I began my combos and quickly took the game.


Game 2:


Game two did not last too long as a Denko Sekka won this game extremely fast.


Round 9 Vs Kozmo (Win):


Game 1:


I won this match 2-0 but this was one of the toughest matches of the weekend vs Matteo Vernizzi from YGO Proteus. I want to give him a shout out as this game was incredible but game one was so long it is very difficult to remember it! What I do remember is that Matteo had me on the back foot for a lot of this game and I was stunned when I was able to come back into this game to win as I thought for sure I had lost this after the first few turns.


Game 2:


Game one took a very long time and there was only just under 10 minutes left and both of us knowing a draw would knock us both out we sided very fast. Game two Matteo start started and only had one set card. I was quickly able to remove this and soon after my field was set to attack for game. Matteo did out fear into me during final attacks as he made out that he had something in hand to stop my attacks but in the end he extended his hand. It was a great match and I wish I could remember all the details!


Round 10 Vs Kozmo (Win):


Game 1:


So to the final match of swiss and once again I had to compete against Kozmo. My Opponent started and summoned Kozmo Tin Can. He set two back row and in the End Phase searched Eclipser, Dark Destroyer and Forerunner in which he hit Forerunner off the Tin Can. I started with Twin Twister on both his back row cards hitting a Solemn Strike and Kozmojo. I activated Draco Face-Off which gave me luster to the field. I summoned Skullcrobat Joker to Search Monkeyboard and then synchro summoned to Ignister. I activated his effect to special Master Pendulum and then his second effect to shuffle back Tin Can which he did not respond with. Then I activated Monkeyboard to set my scales up with Silver Claw and pendulum summoned everything. This lead to a OTK with Trapeze Magician.


Game 2:


My opponent chose to start and after this facial expression and how he began to shuffle I could tell he did not open well. He Summoned a Tin Can and went straight to End Phase by getting a Dark Eclipser. I drew for turn and activated Raigeki! He summoned Forerunner which then summoned Kozmoll Goodwitch. I summoned Ignister and Performapals who were boosted by a Pendulum Sorcerer and Silver Claw in the pendulum scale and proceeded to OTK him to make it to my first ever Top 32 of a YCS!


Top 32 Vs Monarch (Win):


Game 1:


I do not remember a lot about this match but in game one I remember both our hands were really bad. I believe I set a Strike along with Summoning a Master Pendulum and passed turn. He topped deck a Edea with I used Strike and he passed turn. I then attacked and again was forced to pass. My opponent again drew another Edea and Summoned Eidos which he then proceeded to summon Ehther. At this Point I drew for turn and conceded as I was too far behind with the hand I had.


Game 2 & 3:


Game two was a very fast game due to my opponent bricking. Game three my opponent again bricked but I then had a Mask of Restrict on the board which locked him out of the game.


Top 16 Vs Burning Abyss (Win):


This match up was the Top 16 feature match, check it out below:



Top 8 Vs Kozmo (Loss):


Game 1:


This match up was a very tough match up not only because of it being against Kozmo but due to it being against a very close friend of mine at these events since I first joined CCG, Marvin Weber! Game one Marvin started out very strong with Tin Can and a few set cards. Unfortunately, in this game I had not opened to well and I was quickly overpowered!


Game 2:


In Game two it was Marvin who now opened badly and I was quickly able to combo into enough damage to take the game.


Game 3:


This game was quickly decided with one card! Marvin chose to start and summoned Tin Can and set one card. He then went to the End Phase and used its effect along with another Emergency Teleport to summon yet another Tin Can. On both End Phase searches he received a Dark Destroyer and Kozmo Dogfighter. He banished the Tin Can which was summoned off Emergency Teleport to summon Kozmo Dogfighter. I drew for turn and in my standby phase Kozmo Dogfighter gave him a token. I looked at my hand which was really good so I knew this game was going to go either way! I activated Draco Face-Off but to my horror Marvin flipped a Magic Deflector face up and stop my access to Luster which i needed! I knew then that I might just have lost this game as the rest of my hand were all pendulum cards that required an effect to resolve in the pendulum zone and I had to get a Monkeyboard effect off to establish my high scale! All I could do was set a monster and pass turn. Marvin got another token and then proceed to OTK.


I want to say congratulations to him for reaching the final of the tournament! I was happy that my tournament came to an end against a close friend!





The night after the event we went and got some food and then decided to go partying at Karlovy lázně night club! It was a great night and a fantastic way to finish an amazing weekend!


At every YCS you meet new people and create new friendships and once again it was great to meet more members of the community and catch up with old friends from previous events!


For me this is an event which I will never forget! The last year has been an incredible year since joining Complexity Card Gaming and they have helped me grow so much! I would like to thank my team at CCG for all their hard work not only leading up to this event but to every event they compete in! I want to say a special thanks to Joshua, Lorenzo, Robin and Themis who did so much theory on every deck and build which helped me greatly decide my final choices!


I want to say a big congratulations to Marvin who finished in second place and to Ali and Themis for making it to the Top 32 of the event and again special thanks to Themis who helped me between rounds prepare for the next match up which helped me so much! I also want to give a big shout out to everyone back in Ireland especially my close friends who have always been there to test and go through theory!


I hope to see you all at the next YCS and of course make sure to check out the Complexity Card Gaming Grand Final in Cologne on the 19th and 20th of March!


Thank you all for reading my first tournament report of which I hope is many! I look forward to seeing you all at the Grand Final!




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