Top 32 YCS Prague Report - Themis Gykzis (Dracopals)

Top 32 YCS Prague Report – Themis Gykzis (Dracopals)

YCS Prague Top 32 Report


Greetings fellow players.


This time I am glad to bring you my Top 32 report from YCS Prague that took place in the last weekend of February. I will try to give you a good look of how the trip was and everything I remember from my matches the entire weekend. So lets get started:


The trip to Prague started for me at Thursday early in the morning. I had to fly to Berlin with 2 other Greek friends that were going to their first YCS, to meet up with Norman Wilde and later on find the rest of the travelling squad, Alex Neag, Ali Fawaz and Piran Asci. My flight got a delay of 45min so after my arrival at Berlin I had to be fast with Norman to arrive at the bus station. Thankfully everything went fine and we started our 5 hours drive to Prague. This part of the trip was very funny, it started with Ali and I explaining Piran some combos of the Dracopals deck and certain card choices, it then moved on to discussing our side deck choices and new options like Lancelot, Beast-eyes dragon and Forge of the True Draco. But the best part of the trip happened later on when Norman and Piran decided to tell me a huge story about a trip they had in mid 2013 that explained the rules of the ‘’Shotgun’’ (which I was not familiar with until then) and how Norman lost the ability to hear from one of his ears for 3 months. Needless to add, the story was so entertaining that we spend almost 3 hours discussing it!


We reached the beautiful city of Prague at around 7:30 and rushed to our hotels (Alex was staying at a different hotel from the rest of us. We joined up with the last 2 people of our room, Eddy and Sascha Fabian, check-in our awesome apartment and went to grab some local food. After recharging ourselves with a taste of local cuisine it was time for the second most important part of the trip (the first being the YCS of course), it was time to Party! We had Robin Bachofner join us for pre-drinking at our apartment and after picking up Alex from his apartment we went to the popular known Czech club called Duplex. We met there more Yu-Gi-Oh players and some friends from Denmark. It was an awesome night with lots of drinking and dancing involved and a few inside stories!


Friday after we all managed to wake up we went for breakfast and had a discussion with Sascha how Phantom Knights work and his Kozmo list and afterwards he visited the venue to meet the rest of the team there. At this point I want to say good job at Konami for having one of the best venues so far (my personal favorite). After we found Joshua and Eugen I wanted to discuss the list with Joshua. He presented me a list with 3 silverclaws,1 lizardraw, 2 secondonkey, 2 Eccentric Archfiends and 2 ariadne (no instant fusion). My list was almost the same with 1 Eccentric and 2 silverclaws and 2 Lizardraw instead of his 3/1 and 1 instant fusion instead of the 2nd Eccentric. He pointed out the advantages of having the 2nd Eccentric over the 1 instant fusion which are that its better going first because its high scale and worst case scenario can be used for Dinoster (It happened once in the tournament) and its of course very good going second. I was immediately sold on this idea and that led me to switching to 3 Silverclaws and 1 lizardraw (Joshua ended up playing 2/2). After pondering more until 6:30 about my list and discussing with Lorenzo online (he had not arrived to Prague yet) I decided that I am going to play the list that I ended up with and register on Friday. You can find the list later on. After an entertaining chat with a local about how the Czech words are pronounced we had to leave the venue because it was closing. We went to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant but ended up leaving the place and went to eat Chinese after picking up James Broderick accompanied by 2 of his Irish friends. After we returned to the apartment Norman and Sascha decided they would go Party again (of course Norman wouldn’t waste a day without partying!) and the rest of us stayed at the apartment for the final twitches at the lists (actually their lists since I was registered already) when I realized I didn’t remembered if I had written on my list 1 Twin Twisters or 1 Psy Blocker! Got a sleep for 6 hours with an interruption by Norman and Sascha when they returned from partying but it was enough for the next day.


Saturday we woke up, showered and prepared our stuff to go to the venue. I had prepared my ‘’bag’’ for the day with a monster drink, vitamin water and 2 bars of Lion for the entire day. Finally met up with my brother in arms Lorenzo Santoni and Marvin Weber which I hadn’t seen since Rimini and after I checked my list in which thankfully I had 1 Twin Twisters in it I was ready for the tournament!
The list I registered is the following:





1 Luster Pendulum
3 Master Pendulum
3 Vector Pendulum
3 Guiding Ariadne
3 Performapal Sorcerer
3 Performapal Silverclaw
1 Performapal Lizardraw
1 Performapal Skullcrobat Joker
1 Performapal Monkeyboard
1 Performapal Secondonkey
1 Performapal Guitartle
1 Rescue Rabbit
2 Eccentric Archfiend



3 Upstart Goblin
3 Wavering Eyes
3 Draco face-off
2 Painful Decision
1 Soul Charge



3 Solemn Strike
1 Solemn Warning


Extra Deck:

3 Ignister Prominence
2 Dinoster
1 Beast-eyes pendulum dragon
2 Majester Paladin
1 Number 23: Lancelot
1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle
1 Daigusto Emeral
1 King of Feral Imps
1 Castel
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Diamond Dire Wolf


Side deck:

2 Maxx c
2 Ghost Ogre
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Twin Twisters
2 System Down
1 Dark Hole
1 Raigeki
3 Mask of restrict


For details about the card choices you can view the deck profile that Piran had recorded for the CCG Youtube channel here:


Round 1 vs Monarchs (Italian).


Dice roll lost(0/1), went second. A very friendly Italian guy that was my toughest match all weekend.
G1 he goes first and starts the classic Monarch combos. I never realised how I won this game since I started very slow with no out for Domain and with 2 Solemns. At one point in the game I made a Pendulum from hand summoning Performapals with Sorcerer in the Scale which allowed me to go over his monsters and later making Ignister to start winning the field. We ended G1 with 6 minutes on the clock so I had to be extra fast.
G2 he goes first and my hand is slow, I scoop it on his turn 2 when he played Twin Twister for my 2 masks of restrict with 2 minutes on the clock.
G3 I went first and during my turn 1 time was called of the round. I had a mediocre turn 1 but on my turn 2 after I continued combo-ing I drew mask of restrict to stall him for a turn. In my final turn (he had 1 extra after me) I spent 15 minutes to make the biggest possible board and attack him directly with Lancelot to negate his Battle Fader if he had any in which case he had it. On his turn he draw Twin Twisters and after playing a stormforth to use my Lancelot he Twin Twistered my mask but he was unable to keep up with the difference in the life points.


Round 2 vs Mermails (French)


Dice roll lost (0/2) he let me go 1st (1/2)
G1 I start with a mediocre board of Dinoster and Majester with a Guitartle on scale and a set Strike. He draws for turn and thinks a lot and decides to scoop.
G2 since I had no idea what he was playing and what he would choose for me to play I sided only 2 MST. He went first. Opens up his 4 draws his 5th and doesnt like it. Takes his time to think and summon Deep Sea Diva bring Neptabyss send Marksman and grab Heavy Infantry and then passes me. He had obviously drawn both of his Dragoons with thankfully no Megalo. On my turn I pendulum into sorcerer kill my scales summon joker attack both monsters, go into Dweller backed up by 2 Solemn and pass. On his turn he continues to have nothing to continue so I win my next turn. Bad luck for him.


Round 3 vs Mirror Magicians (Finland)


I won the dice roll (1/3) and went 1st (2/3). He is the first player from Finland that I have played against so far.
G1 I combo turn 1 with Ariadne and Dracoslayers and build a huge board backed up by 2 Solemns. He tried to win my board with Magician plays but they weren’t enough.
G2 he lets me go 1st and I build a board almost the same as g1. This time he tried to push me better with a good use of Turn Toad, Zephyros backed up by a pendulum call. I established my win when he tried to pop 1 of my Solemns with Dragonpit and I chained Face-off hitting a vector on scale to stop him.


Round 4 vs Monarchs (Italian)


Lost Dice (1/4) he went first (2/4).
I dont remember much from this game. The guy was very cheerful and we were discussing about high rarity cards and fist pumped a couple of times! My scorepad says that the games ended very fast with me not taking any point of damage 2-0.


Round 5 vs Kozmo (Italian)


Lost Dice (1/5) he let me go 1st (3/5)
G1 I win very easy making a big board backed up by a couple of solemns.
G2 I am trying to combo and he random Typhoons one of my lower scales. I didn’t have any lower scale in hand and lost that game pretty easy.
G3 I had to risk a wavering eyes to get hit by Typhoon again and I would have lost if he had it. He didn’t and I made a board of Majester and Dinoster backed up by 2 solemns and win this game on my 3rd turn with him staying a lot behind because of the Solemns.


Round 6 vs Monarchs (UK). A very cool guy that I enjoyed my games against him.


Lost Dice (1/6) he let me go 1st (4/6)
G1 I combo with a big board without back up by any solemns but with 2 majester in field that led to adding 1 Eccentric and a joker to make sure I win fast enough (in which I did on my turn 2)
G2 He lets me start and my field is Key Beetle backed up by 1 solemn and Mask of Restrict (Beetle was protecting it). He starts by playing a couple of Pantheism, does stormforth and I respond with Mask in which he answers with Trap Eater and continues with Return of the Monarchs + Erebus. I quickly lose this game.
G3 I start with a big board backed up by Solemns. He responds with 2 twin twisters and later on scoops because he drew only big monarchs. The first and only Monarch player that bricked against me at the whole tournament.


Round 7 vs Mirror Match, Long Dao (Austria)


Lost Dice (1/7) he went first (4/7)
G1 he starts with painful decision summoning vector and 2 sets. I respond in playing the beat down game summon Master Pendulum backed up by 2 solemns. The game was fast when I started grinding through his backrows. At one point he had to xyz into King of Feral Imps to search for a high scale but he was stopped by 1 of my solemns and he scooped.

G2 he starts with a huge board backed up by  Strike, Warning and Wavering Eyes. My starting 6 were 5 monsters and a painful decision. I tried to play but it was worthless
G3 I start with guitartle into lizardraw draw 1, summon donkey search Sorcerer, kill lizard draw 1 more. Low scale pendulum sorcerer kill my scales to grab Joker and Monkey and pass him the turn with my hand being 2 Ghost Ogre, 1 Eccentrick, 1 Joker, 1 Monkeyboard. He starts with monkeyboard of his own, I Ogre it. Continues with Luster killing his Master, wavering for 2 grab Joker and pendulum to 4 to kill me that turn.
End of Day 1 with 6-1, so close to finally finishing day 1 with X-0 record. The whole team plus some German Friends go to a Czech restaurant and eat delicious food. The team had a great day 1 score with Ali being x-0, Lorenzo, Piran and I on x-1 with Joshua, Eugen, James, Alex and Huong following up with x-2. The same night Norman, Sascha, Piran, Robin and some others which I am not sure went to party again, I declined their offer so many times because I needed precious rest. On our way back a Greek friend messaged me and told me the pairings for round 8 tomorrow are up and I checked my opponent’s name. I randomly saw that Konami had uploaded his featured match from day1 and I spend 15 minutes to study his decklist. It was a crazy Monarch build with extra deck, he was using Galaxy Soldier and Cyber Dragon with Instant Fusion to make Infinity or Pleiades using the monarch trap. A very innovative deck for sure that I was kind of scared of but I knew if I went first I would win.
Day 2 we go to the venue while leaving behind an almost ‘’dead’’ Norman from partying.
I sit to my table and my opponent show’s up and he was a cool chatty guy!


Round 8 vs Monarchs (UK) (I think he told me was from Singapore, an OCG player that was studying to the UK until the summer)


Lost Dice (1/8) allowed me to go 1st (5/8)
G1 I start with a big combo with Ariadne. He starts grinding through my traps while killing my board with Raigeki. Later on he ended his turn having and Ehther on board, a Kuraz and the Prime Monarch. I scale and he Maxx “C”s. He is at 10.500 life points. I pendulum into 4 perfomapal monsters 2 silverwolf, 1 joker and 1 Sorcerer while having a sorcerer in scale. All my monsters become huge and I am able to kill him the same turn with no more Special Summons!
G2 I figure that he is going to allow me to go 1st again so I side based on that assumption which came up to be true. He lets me go 1st and I start with a board of 3 monsters with 1 being dweller backed up by 1 Strike. He tries to play and when I strike his Monarch he concedes!
After this win I am super pumped because almost everyone from the team also won their round!


Round 9 vs Mirror with Magicians (German)


Won Dice (2/9) went first (6/9)
G1 I start with a good board with Lancelot and I think 1 Solemn. He aswers my field with his hand of joker with face-off and a wavering eyes I think. I lose on his t1
G2 I combo again t1 and win pretty easy.
G3 I again open with no hand trap and he starts with sorcerer and donkey whick continued into a Naturia beast. I had no out for the beast so I lost pretty easy.


Round 10 vs Kozmo (Italian). This is the only person I have played against him in 2 more events in the past and both times had a fast game with him (he beat me both times pretty easy). It was funny when I saw him going to play against me for the 3rd time!


Won dice (3/10) went first (7/10)
G1 I combo with Ariadne and double Wavering. My ending field was Lancelot Double Majester and 2/3 solemns! He tries to play on his turn but scoops after the first Solemn resolved
G2 he starts summoning strawman backed up by 2. I start my turn with joker attacking over the strawman which he didn’t chained his effect which was quite surprising. I set 2 solemns and pass. The game for the next turn went with me summoning a big monster and attacking over his monsters and protecting them with my solemns. He pretty much bricked and I won in the next 3 turns I think. He scoops and offer me the hand I apologize for the way he lost and he offer me good luck for the top.


After my win the first person I see in front of me is James who literally attacks me and tell me he won his match and is crazy happy until I tell him that I also won. His response was to try to brake my spine with his hug! I remind him his promise that he has to buy me a cloth from the best store in Dublin called Penny’s which I adore and offer him to buy him a banana for his top (inside joke) !!! Ali is locked in the top since he was 8-0 and ended 8-2, Eugen won his match also with a score of 8-2 and so did Marvin, the only players remaining were Lorenzo who in the end lost his final round unfortunately and Piran ended up with a draw in his last match with a final score of 7-2-1. So Ali, James, Eugen and I were for the top but some X-2 were left outside of the top and bad luck hit Eugen for the second time in a row and he missed the topcut after Rimini that the same thing happened. Ali was 11th, the 1st with 8-2, I was 13th the 3rd with 8-2 and James was a little bit lower. Pairing for the top32 are posted and I play against Peter Kjegaard, a friend I met at Lille who we were chatting all weekend!


Top 32 vs Mirror Peter Kjegaard (Denmark)


Lost Dice (3/10) went second (7/10)
G1 he starts with a huge board backed up by 3 sets which were 2 Solemns and a wavering so I lose pretty much easily after I tried to resolve a Soul Charge and got hit by a Warning.
G2 I start first, I wavering my Master and Ariadne go for Joker, Monkey into Silverclaw and he Maxx “C”’s. I decide to set my 2 Solemns and pass with these since I didn’t have a Sorcerer in the extra. He starts with Eccentric sniping my Warning. He thinks and summons Joker which I decide I should Strike in case he had wavering so I wouldn’t lose my Strike. He scale’s Vector and Wavering’s me for 3, grabs Monkeyboard pendulums into Joker, Vector and Eccentric attack with all 3, make Giant Hand set 2 and pass. I draw for turn and pass. He draws, summons Ariadne, attacks. I draw into Draco Face-off hit Luster attack his Ariadne and pass. He draws into 1 more monster and I lose eventually. I congratulate him and tell him that if he is playing against Marvin later (he was on my right) he has to lose, inform James who was playing on my left that I lost and leave the area to meet Lorenzo.


We watch as Ali lost against a fellow Greek player that topped his 1st YCS (congratulations to him on that!) and wait until James also wins! I go with James grab him a banana because of his win and go find Piran to go back to our apartment to pick our stuff because the two of us were leaving with the early bus at 6 in the afternoon to go to Berlin. We make a deck profile for the team’s channel and with Lithium2300, bid farewell to the entire family and leave for Berlin. I crashed at Piran’s amazing house for the night until early in the morning that I had to catch my flight for Athens.


I want to congratulate Marvin for his amazing 2nd place finish as well as James for his first Top 8 (the 1st Irish to manage that! ). Also a huge thank you to the entire CCG family, Joshua for helping with the list and specially Lorenzo for the hours we had testing and chatting for this event. Last but not least thanks to the guys that lend me some cards that I was missing. Next stop is the Grand Open Major Tour Stop in Cologne, its going to be an amazing event and I am going to meet up again with the family.


Any kind of feedback is welcomed, thank you all for reading!



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